Gegen den Wind sur­fen.
Digi­tal. In Frei­heit.

Gemisch­tes Fut­ter, zu The­men unse­res digi­ta­len Lebens.

Many of us know that govern­ments can threa­ten the human rights of soft­ware users through cen­sor­ship and sur­veil­lan­ce of the Inter­net. Many do not rea­li­ze that the soft­ware they run on their home or work com­pu­ters can be an even worse thre­at. Thin­king of soft­ware as «just a tool», they sup­po­se that it obeys them, when in fact it often obeys others ins­tead.

Richard Stall­man, Grün­der des GNU-Pro­jekts
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